New England Environmental Services, Inc. is owned by Jamie & Jeff Haig, brothers who grew up in northern Westchester, and are committed to making sure that the

jobs are completed with excellence and precision.   


For many years, New England Environmental has been building a reputation with the communities as a trustworthy business.  As a certified service provider, their services include the removal and installation of both below and above ground oil tanks, and for the remediation of contaminated soil in the State of New York and Connecticut. 


They care, not only to completing the job right,

but also for caring of their customers throughout the entire process.

















Our soil remediation services are expedient & trustworthy, and include the removal of contaminated soil.  When an oil tank is found to be leaking and soil remediation services are needed, New England Environmental is able to answer the call in both NY & CT. 















New England Environmental is able to walk our customers through what can be a very stressful & emotional experience with patience, understanding, and honesty.

When you hire New England Environmental for your remediation services, you can trust that you are receiving a quality, compassionate & honest service!











Frequently,  people that contact New England Environmental Services, Inc. are unaware of the hazards that accompany an underground fuel oil storage tank (UST) on their property. UST's degrade over time and are subject to developing holes which may cause the leaking of heating oil (fuel #2) into surrounding soil. Age, combined with other factors like the material and design of the tank, type of soil, and amount of moisture in the area of the tank, contribute to the likelihood of developing holes. Leakage into the soil is a serious and potentially costly problem. If you are aware that there is an old underground oil tank on your property, you may want to consider removal. There are other reasons to consider UST removal:


















If you are selling your home, it will likely be required that you remove your underground tank from the property. Most mortgage companies, home inspectors, and closing attorneys will not complete a real estate transaction while an underground tank exists on the property. If you are unsure if there is an underground tank on your property, it is likely you will be required to perform a tank sweep to confirm none exist.  If you are converting to gas. many towns in NY require you to obtain a permit for oil tank removal prior to gas conversion to ensure you will remove the prior oil system from the property.




New England Environmental Services, Inc. is able to perform above ground oil tank installs.  Be assured that you will receive an excellent, expedient and professional install.  We install new above ground storage tanks (AST) in sizes ranging from 138 gallon, 275 gallon, and 330 gallon in both horizontal and vertical styles,

along with any size ROTH tank.

Arial Red Truck.jpg

 Twin 138 gallon AST Tanks

330 gallon horizontal tank


New England Environmental Services, Inc. will obtain permit for customers and arrange for inspection by town officials.  New England Environmental Services will squeegee clean and use oil absorbent wipes to clean the interior of the tank.  With professional equipment, we will remove the fill and vent pipes and cut or crimp supply/return lines.  The tank is removed and disposed of at a local scrap yard.  After disposal, we forward the necessary paperwork to the township to close out the permit.